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How much does a mission cost?

When you create a mission, you will see the total price of the mission before you post.

The price will depend on the position you select and the tension between the number of missions and the number of available Talents.

How are prices calculated?

Prices are dynamic, which means they are automatically (re)calculated for each mission.

These dynamic prices are also designed to maximize the chances for your mission to be quickly accepted by the professionals.

How to increase the mission price?

If you need help at the last minute or you wish to take into account the talent's travel costs, you may want to increase the price of the mission to make it more attractive to talents.

Before the mission has been posted

You can increase the price when you are creating a new mission.

In the "Pricing" section, select the percentage you want to apply before posting your mission.
You can preview of what the new total price will be before confirming.

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After the mission has been posted

If you want to increase the price of the mission after it has been posted, please reach out to our Assistance.

Info: If you need more information about the price of a mission that's already completed, you can review these on your invoices.

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