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Mission price

The displayed price is the amount invoiced by the professional.

When you create a mission, you will see the total price . This allows you to make simulations easily.


The price will depend on the position you select and the tension between the number of missions and the number of available Talents.

Prices are dynamic, which means they are automatically (re)calculated for each mission.

These dynamic prices are also designed to maximize the chances for your mission to be quickly accepted by the professionals.

How to increase the mission price?

If you want to make your mission more attractive, you can increase the price for the mission you are creating.

When creating a mission, you can increase the price in the "Anything to add?" section.

In the "Mission price increase" section, select the percentage you want to apply before posting your mission.

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If you need more information about the price of missions already completed, you can review your invoice invoices.

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