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Report an absence or late arrival
Report an absence or late arrival
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How to report an absence?

Although this remains an exceptional situation, it may happen that professionals face emergencies and cannot attend a mission.

Report the absence on your Brigad account as soon as possible so that the appropriate actions can be taken immediately.

  • Select the mission on which you need to report the absence

  • Click on "Report a professional’s absence"

  • Provide any additional information that could help process this request. Do not hesitate to indicate, if there are remaining days to be done, whether you want to keep the professional or not.

Mission modifications must be made within 72 hours after the end of the mission. After this time, the invoice will have already been generated.

How to adjust the hours of a mission that's already been completed?

What is an adjustment request?

Example Mission Adjustment:
On the day, your business unexpectedly needs an extra pair of hands for another hour and you agree this with the professional. This extra hour can be added onto the mission after it's completed.

All adjustment requests must be made within 72 hours at the end of a mission. After this time, the invoice will have already been made. Both talents and businesses can make adjustment requests.

If you need to make an adjustment request:

  • Go to the mission you wish to adjust (you can find your missions in the Mission section on the lefthand side in your Schedule or as a list simply called Missions).

  • Click into the mission to open the details.

  • Click on "Modify Duration" and make your adjustment request. Don't forget to save.

  • The professional must then confirm this adjustment request. If the talent takes no action on this request, it will be automatically approved within 72 hours.

How to see pending adjustment requests?

You can view all pending adjustment requests from professionals:

  • On the lefthand side in the Missions section, click on the subcategory Mission adjustments.

  • Select the site or all sites

  • View whether any new adjustments have come in. These will be noted with the phrase New Duration

  • Check the countdown clock to see how much time you have remaining to verify the new mission adjustment. Note: If the adjustment is not verified with 72 hrs, the adjustment will be automatically verified.

  • Click on "Verify"

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