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View and edit a mission
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How to view a mission in your Brigad space

There are 2 ways that you can view posted missions on your Brigad space: Schedule view and Missions or "list" view.

View 1: Schedule view

Under the "Mission" section, click on "Schedule" and you will be able to see a calendar view of all missions at your different sites on a week by week basis.


Week date range + arrows

Use the arrows to switch to the week you want to view whether its ongoing, upcoming, or past mission.

Current week

Click on "Current week" to you directly to the current calendar week (Monday - Sunday) in one click.


If you want to download all scheduled missions for the week you're viewing, click the download button.

Info: You can click on a mission to view its details.

View 2: Missions "list" view

If you'd prefer to see your missions as a simple list then navigate to the Missions section on the lefthand side and click on the subcategory "Missions".

  1. Select the site you wish to view the missions for.

  2. Click on one of the three tabs allowing you to view Upcoming, Ongoing, or Previous missions at your chosen site.

  3. To search for a specific mission, click on the "Filter" button on the righthand side, where you can filter by the professional, mission address, start or end date, mission status (accepted, ongoing etc.) or job (the role). Click "OK" to search based on these filters and "Reset" to remove the filters.

  4. Click on the mission to open it and see the mission details.

How to modify a mission?

Modify a mission that hasn't been accepted by a talent yet

1. Navigate to the mission you wish to alter (either through the Schedule view or the Missions view) and click on the mission.

2. Click "Modify" button

3. Modify the mission, for example, changing the role or the hours etc.

4. Don't forget to save your changes.

Modify a mission that has been accepted by a talent

Changes to the mission will first need to be confirmed with the talent before the mission is updated.

Once the talent has agreed to the changes, contact the Brigad team through the "Assistance" button with the following information:

1. Confirm that the professional has agreed to these changes being made to the mission.

2. Provide details: the professional's full name, the site name, date and time of the mission to be modified.

3. Specify the modifications to be made: for example to the days, hours etc.

The modifications will then be made and confirmed by our team.

Modify a mission that has already been completed

You can request for the mission hours to be adjusted. You can make these adjustments up to 72 hrs after the mission has been completed.

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