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How to create a mission at your business?

To create a mission all need to do:

1. Login to your account

2. In the "Missions" section on the lefthand side, click on "New mission"

3. Fill in the following information about your mission and click "Submit"

What information do I need to add to my business' mission?

  • Mission Address: Make sure the address is correct and this is the location where the mission will take place.

    If you complete the address and this message pops up: "This address is outside the Brigad operation area”. This means that Brigad is not yet available in this area, but we are coming soon!

  • Date and time: Select the days related to the mission (choose the start and end date of the mission).

    If you need to split a one-day mission into several parts, use the break time.
    If you need the professional to be there from 7am to 10am, then from 5pm to 8pm on the same day, select the time slot from 7am to 8pm, with a break of 7 hours. You will then need to specify the exact mission hours (7am - 10am and 5pm - 8pm) in the description section.

  • Position and number of professionals required

    Click on the area (Front of House, Back of House, Cafeteria etc.)

    Click on the position (e.g. Head Chef, Chef de Parties, Restaurant Manager, Host(ess) etc)

    Next to "Number of professionals required" click the + symbol to indicate how many of this role you require.

  • Mission description, uniform and transport
    Mission description:
    In this section, you can detail the exact type of tasks the professional will be expected to complete as part of the role, a little bit more about your business, the cuisine and your team, an alternative contact number.

    Uniform and equipment:
    You can specify the outfit and equipment that you want the professional to bring with them on the mission. For chef roles this could include, chefs whites, their own knives. For a waiter mission, you can specify if the talent needs to bring a shirt, waistcoat or smart black shoes.

    If the mission is difficult to reach by public transport, it can be helpful to specify if the talent needs to use their own vehicle to get to their site. When you create the mission you can indicate whether the professional will need a driver's license and/or a vehicle to complete the mission.​

How to optimise my business' mission?

You can ensure your business' mission reaches as many professionals as possible and that it's attractive to freelance talents.

1. Add a description to your mission
You can add details about how your business works so the connection goes as smoothly as possible.

For example:

  • if your business is a fine dining restaurant or has a more casual service.

  • if your orders are written by hand or processed on an iPad.

  • if you need the professional to bring something that has not yet been indicated, add it here.

2. Increase the price of the mission

If you are posting at the last minute or take into account transportation costs, you can increase the price of the mission to make it as attractive to freelance professionals as possible.
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Do you want to send a mission to a specific Talent?

You can either choose to send a mission to a talent in priority or to one talent only.
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