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Accept or refuse a mission proposition from a talent
Accept or refuse a mission proposition from a talent
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Talents who have worked at your business before now have the opportunity to submit a mission request to your business directly.

If you verbally agree with a talent to carry out more work at your site, one option is that the talent can propose this mission to your business. There are plenty of ways to save you even more time!

When a Talent submits a request to you, you will receive an email notification and you can also see it directly in the “Talent Requests” section of your account.

How to accept or refuse a mission request made by a Talent?

Here is how you can check your Talent requests i.e. mission propositions sent by a talent to your business:

  1. Select “Talent Requests” from the menu on the left hand side.

  2. Click on the request. Review the role, dates, hours and price.

  3. Accept or refuse the mission

  • If you accept the talent's proposed mission, the new mission will then be transferred into the "Missions" section of the account where you can manage it as normal.

  • If you refuse a talent's proposed mission, the talent will receive a notification letting them know that their proposition has not been accepted.

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