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Super Talent and Level-up Program
Super Talent and Level-up Program
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How to become a Super Talent

The Super Talent badge rewards Talents who meet certain criteria of commitment and professionalism towards their clients.

This badge gives access to exclusive advantages:

  • Priority access to certain missions: in particular to the first missions of newly registered businesses on Brigad.

  • Personalised follow-up: Every three months, Super Talents can request an individual phone call with our team to receive advice on their use of the Brigad app and the development of their career.

To become a Super Talent, you need to meet 3 consecutive criteria:

  • Have completed at least 10 missions in the last 3 months.

  • No late mission cancellations in the same period.

  • Have at least 90% of your clients indicate they want to work with you again.

You can follow your progress of these criteria by going to your profile in the "Super Talent" tab.

Becoming a Super Talent is good, staying a Super Talent is even better!

To keep your Super Talent badge, all you have to do is keep the 3 criteria described in the "Super Talent" tab validated.

If you lose your badge for any reason, don't panic. It will not impact your ability to receive missions and you can get it back again later.

The Level-up Program

The "Level-up" programme allows Talents to access new missions and develop their client base when they meet certain criteria recognised by their clients.

How can I access the Level-up Program?

To unlock the Level-up programme, you must first meet the 3 cumulative criteria:

  1. Be a Brigad user for a minimum of 90 days

  2. Have at least 90% of your clients say they want to work with you again.

  3. Have completed at least 10 missions in the last 90 days in your main job.

Example: You have been accepting missions as a Commis Chef and you meet the criteria to enter the program, therefore you are eligible to receive missions as a Line Cook.

Where can I view the level-up program in my app?

You can view your progress on the homepage of your app. Simply click on your profile photo and select the tab labelled "Become a Super Talent".

How do you add the new job permanently to your profile?

Once you have unlocked the programme, you will have to complete 3 missions in this new job. Each mission will have to be done with different businesses to ensure you receive feedback from 3 separate businesses.

  • If 2/3 missions are successful (either because your clients have not reported any problems, or because they have not indicated that they do not want to work with you again within 72 hours after the end of the mission), the new job will be added to your profile permanently.

  • If 2/3 missions are not successful (your clients do not want to work with you again), you will be able to unlock the programme again after 90 days have passed.

The benefits of upskilling

By accessing the level-up programme, you gain access to a greater variety of missions and a more diverse income of revenue.

It is not mandatory to participate in the programme if invited and failure to complete the programme, will not affect your rating or activity.

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