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Accepting missions and getting ready
Accepting missions and getting ready
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How to accept missions

When you first open the application, you will be offered to turn on your notifications. Notifications make it possible for you to receive mission propositions, don't forget to turn them on!

When you receive a mission proposition, all the helpful information you need to make your decision is listed:

  • Name of the business

  • Mission address

  • Business or point of contact phone number

  • Mission description and requirements

  • Mission price proposed by the Business

Once you have reviewed all the above information, you can:

  • Fully accept the mission proposition.

  • Partially accept the mission proposition: You can select the days you are available. If it fits the businesses’ needs, the mission will be yours and you’ll be notified of this.

  • Decline the mission proposition

Once the mission is accepted, it is automatically added to your planning in your app.

Be careful: only go to missions you have accepted through the Brigad app. Please note that you are only covered by insurance for damages on propositions accepted through the app.

What to do before the beginning of a mission?

Once you have accepted the mission proposition, remember to call the business before the beginning of the mission using the contact number indicated on the mission.

This allows you to introduce yourself for the first time and to verify all the details of the mission with the business, including:

  • Documents to bring to the mission

  • Outfit requirements

  • Specific tasks or any other necessary information

Why don’t I receive mission propositions?

If you are not receiving mission propositions even though you have turned on notifications, this may be due to one of the following points:

  1. Unavailability

    Mission propositions are always sent based on the availability you have indicated on the app. Therefore, do not hesitate to modify it to receive more propositions.

    Remember that you can partially accept a mission!

  2. Limitation of 120 days

    Brigad allows you to connect with a wide range of businesses.

    In order to increase your number of clients, you can work up to 120 days per semester with the same business

    If you are not in any of the above situations, do not hesitate to contact support through the application.

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