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Documents and registration follow-up
Documents and registration follow-up
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Which documents are required?

When you register, a certain number of documents will be requested.

An identity document, your ID must be scanned in its entirety (front and back). Here is a list of accepted documents:

  • UK passport

  • UK driver's licence ONLY *drivers licences for people born outside of the UK are not accepted

  • EU passport

  • Biometric Residency Permit card *There are some exceptions that may prevent you from registering

To be accepted, it must be:

  • Valid

  • In colour

  • Not cut/marked

  • Not blurry

How to scan a document

You will need to take a photo of your document. Brigad will use your phone's camera to scan your document.

  • Select the appropriate document you wish to upload

  • Click on "scan my document" and follow the instructions

Make sure the document is clearly visible.

Can't take a photo?

Check your phone settings and allow the Brigad app to access the camera.

It is always preferable to take a new photo than upload one. However, If you only have a photo of your ID, you can try to take a photo of your existing photo.

Here are some tips: avoid glare, shadows or fingers that hide information.

Why is my registration not completed?

You can only have one account on Brigad. Here are some reasons why your registration cannot be completed:

  1. Error message. On the app, a message will detail the reason why your registration is not possible

  2. Book a call. You may be yet to complete a call with our team. You can book this call in the app. Tip: make sure you are in a quiet place during the call

If you have already spoken with our team, either:

  • You must complete the final steps of your registration. Make sure to check your emails and spam for any emails received from Brigad with instructions

  • Your profile cannot be validated. Our team has already provided you with the reason(s) why you cannot complete your registration.

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