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Register and obtain a UTR number
Register and obtain a UTR number
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What is Brigad?

Brigad is an application that enables self-employed professionals to connect with more than 10,000 businesses in the Hospitality industry for flexible missions.

On the Brigad app, you can receive numerous propositions of well-paid and flexible missions every day, which you can freely accept as you want, according to your professional profile and personal schedule.

The contract, the invoice and the payments are generated automatically.

Benefits of using Brigad

By working with Brigad, you give yourself the opportunity to:

  • Have a real work/life balance. As a self-employed professional on Brigad, you are free to choose your missions. This allows you to arrange your work around your personal schedule and professional goals.

  • Be better paid. Missions are globally better paid thanks to Brigad and every hour worked is invoiced. Moreover, being self-employed enables you to freely work more hours, for multiple businesses.

  • Learn and discover new things. Meet new people, choose the types of missions and businesses that match your professional goals, which allows you to break the routine, feel valued and considered

  • Get paid automatically on a weekly basis. No need to wait until the end of the month.

How to register?

  1. Download the app "Brigad - Receive Missions" from your app store.

  2. Sign up by filling in your personal information. You will need to confirm your email address by clicking on the link in the email sent to you (Make sure to check your spam folder)

  3. Complete your profile: You will need to provide your address, select the positions you are qualified for, and complete the questions about your experience.

    Tip: If the position you have experience in is not showing, this position is currently not open for registration at the moment.

  4. Upload all requested documents: A valid Identity document (front and back, unblurred and uncut)

  5. Add your UTR number as a self-employed sole trader: If you do not have one yet, please move to the next step

  6. Book a call with our team!

Why and how to be self-employed?

To receive and accept missions on the application, it is necessary for you to be self-employed.

What is the advantage of being self-employed?

The main advantage of being self-employed is that you have the complete flexibility to work when and where you wish to do so. You are free to choose your own work and manage your time according to your schedule and career goals.

It's easy to set up and demands relatively little paperwork. Once registered as self-employed, you are only required to submit your self-assessment once a year to HMRC.

To use the Brigad application, please ensure that you register as a self-employed sole trader and not a limited company. It is not possible to use UTR numbers that are issued to limited companies as this disrupts the invoicing process for your missions.

To obtain your UTR number, you have two options:

  1. Register as self-employed with HRMC

Registering as self-employed is an easy 15-minute process which you can complete by clicking here.

You can also register over the phone with HMRC 0300 200 3310.

2. Brigad also has a partnership with Tax Ninja

Tax Ninja will do all the admin for you! For a one-off fee of £40, all you need to do is fill in this questionnaire and they take care of the rest.

Once you complete your self-employment registration, you will receive your UTR number within 2 weeks of registering. Please ensure to enter it into your Brigad app once you receive it.

When you have completed your registration, a Government Gateway account will be created for you. This grants you access to the government’s range of online services, the most important of which is HMRC’s Self-Assessment portal.

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