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Service Fees - What are they?
Service Fees - What are they?
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Service fees are a percentage of the total cost of a mission that talents and businesses pay to Brigad in exchange for using the platform and its services.

For Talents, this service includes :

  1. Access to a wide range of attractive missions via the Brigad application, which is constantly being improved to make it even easier to use.

  2. Access to exclusive partnerships to assist you in the hospitality industry as self-employed.

  3. Automated invoicing and service contracts, to simplify your administrative work, and payment on a weekly basis or 72 hours after the end of the mission, depending on the option you choose.

  4. You can easily find all the documents you need to assist you with declaring your self-assement with HMRC: invoices, contracts, due diligence certificates.

  5. Public Liability Insurance with ONSI to cover you for all your missions via Brigad.

  6. Revenue Protection Program with Indeez and AIG in the event of accident or illness when you clock up more than 80 hours over 3 months via Brigad.

  7. You always have an available member of the Brigad team through the mobile app, 7 days a week to help you use the application and answer any questions you may have.

How do Brigad service charges work?

The service fees are shared between businesses and talents. 

You pay 12.9% (incl. VAT) as a service fee for each mission you complete.
Everything is automated so you don't have to do any calculations. You simply accept your missions, and the Brigad app takes care of the rest.

Why do I get two invoices for each assignment?

For each assignment, you'll have access to two invoices:

  • Your invoice to the business is generated automatically and sent directly to your client by the application. The invoiced total shown on it is your turnover.

  • The service charge invoice to be paid to Brigad

In practice, the application automatically deducts your service charges. You therefore receive the amount due to you for the mission directly, after Brigad has deducted the service fee.

These invoices will enable you to keep track of your turnover and costs and are readily downloaded as a PDF in your app.

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